Legality of Amanita pantherina and muscimol

Hi! I’m sorry if English threads aren’t allowed, but my Finnish is worse than awful, I apologise. My question is, does anyone know anything about legal status of Amanita Pantherina? Is it also listed as a medicine, same as Muscaria, or is it excempt from such?
Also wondering the same about Muscimol on its own as a substance! :))

Hi & welcome. As far as I know, or what info I can find, all of the Amanita family have the same legal status here. Muscimol as a substance doesnt seem to have any status in our legislation. I quess it’s considered a “medicine” in the same way as some common herbs. More accurate definition considering our legislation would propably be a “health product” or “supplement”.
It seems like Amanita products are a legal merchandise here without exceptions.

Hi, thank you! So if I were to order a product it should go through customs just fine?

My concern was regarding this post, which, if I’m interpreting it correctly, would mean it is illegal to possess and import:

Punakärpässieni on lääkeainelistalla.
5 § Lääkerikos: Rikoslain luku 44”

The reason I’m asking is because I am not really able to go out and harvest any on my own due to health issues, so I wanted to ask here incase anyone had any idea what the status is and if there are risks with ordering, say, amanita reg. /panth./musc. Or muscimol powder. I wouldn’t really want the customs getting feisty with me over a 1UP mushroom :P heh.

Amanita muscaria is on the list of substances that are considered to be medications, but a substance being on said list doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s illegal to order from abroad. Before ordering a substance that is on that said list, one must figure out its legal classification.

“First, find out the classification of the product in Finland: whether the product is a prescription medicine, an over-the-counter medicine, or perhaps a dietary supplement in Finland. The classification may be different in another country than in Finland. For instance, a product sold as a dietary supplement in another country might be classified as a medicine in Finland. Import restrictions are determined based on how the product is classified in Finland.”

-Fimea, Finnish Medicines Agency

I made some quick searches and I couldn’t find any robust information on the legal classification of A. muscaria on Finland. It’s certainly not found in the list of substances, drugs and plants considered to be narcotics, unlike things such as “Psilosybe-mushrooms” (it’s misspelled in the law text).

All in all, there seems to be a resounding lack of any actual concrete legislation specifically on A. muscaria. Probably because they are extremely common here. I can’t really say if customs want to confiscate a potential parcel containing said fungi. This reply was probably of no use :laughing: .

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Hi again! I did quote a bit of research since my last message to completely be sure that I would not get any packages seized by authority if I were to order. It would seem, after lengthy research, that only Amanita Muscaria is listed as a medical substance, whilst Regalis & Pantherina are not! Other “substances” included on the list I found are Aloe Vera, Chaste Berry, & Boswellia Serrata, which are, to the best of my knowledge, not controlled in anyway. However, there are also controlled substances mentioned on the list, so it would seem that this does not hold any regulation, but rather only serves to inform?

Furthermore, it is interesting to note that neither Muscimol, Muscarine, Muscatone, nor Ibotenic Acid are classified as narcotics; they actually do not appear to be controlled in any manner! Australia seems to be the country most strict with these substances…

Again, I am really appreciative of your help and am very grateful for you taking the time to look it up and forward the information. <3 Stay

I will get myself some Pantherina just to stay on the safe side ^^ and maybe after that I’ll give Muscimol isolate powder a try… Kippis, Mario.

Hi! No problem with the English.

In Finland, Amanita muscaria is listed as a medicinal product and regulated. Amanita pantherina likely falls under similar rules due to its similar properties. Muscimol as a substance is also regulated.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face: